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A Life In The Day (51)


The morning seemed to start with white caps, small swells and dark morning clouds on a 64 thousand ton freighter, little did we know what would come …up (?)….next? haha. We were both starved and headed to the crews galley, not knowing that we were invited to the officers state room mess. Apparently as the crew saw us come in, the word was passed to the cookie to ‘SERVE US THE BEST”, especially since the sea was getting rough, and we had hit a storm front!

The sea was getting rougher by now , we had to hold on to the bulkheads as we walked in, we should have known that we were in for bad weather when we came into the mess and saw towels wet down and spread on the tables and the edges of the eating areas pulled up!(so the food wouldn’t SLIDE off the tables!). As we sat down, the crew all seemed to have smiles on their faces. (why? a happy crew? ), hahaha. Little did we know that we were about to be the BUTT end of a joke!

The crew made room for us to sit among them, and told us that the mess was about to be served and why didn’t we go to the officers mess? We told them that we didn’t know about that, and were told in return, that we were welcomed here. The crew kept us busy with alot of small talk as the food was being prepared. Our noses were telling us, YEAH BABY!!! They asked us about what and how and why we were on this boat, as our stomachs ROARED! We answered as best we could and saw wonder on their faces.

When the food finally came, served by the galley mates, even they had smiles on their faces as they put down the food. What was severed were mounding plates of Greasy pork chops, Greasy sausages and Greasy fried eggs and 1 small plate of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with full pots of coffee. Joel and I had no thought about why the crew was only eating the PB&J sandwiches and coffee, if they did have eggs, they patted off the grease. Joel and I ate as if there were no tomorrow, to the on looking , grinning crew.

We ate and ate and ate…….my gawd , but this was the greatest meal we thought we ever had since we ran away from Home, even if some of the plates were sliding off the tables due to the list of the ship! THEN IT STARTED!………….

As we sat there talking and drinking coffee after our meal, and the walls of the mess hall swaying and ,and, and the deck rocking and rolling, and………OH SHIT! We lurched to our feet and scrambled out of the mess hall to find the outer deck and headed for the rails! All the time in our ears we could hear the crew in the distance laughing………

We barely made it to the rails! Grabbed, leaned and let out such a cascade of colors! PETER MAX would have loved the palate of colors! hahahaha








We were there for what seemed days , calling our dog, “RAWLF!”.

The weather was really BAD and were helped to our cabins by some of the crew as the rest looked on and laughed. Who the fuck cared! WE DIDN’T! WE JUST WANTED TO DIE!

We were helped to our cabins and our bunks. As we lay with vomit all over us, the seamen grabbed and shoved our life jackets on the outside, underside of our mattresses and told us this would keep us from falling out to the floor. (ah, what little joys to look forward to !)


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