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A Life In The Day (48)

We went to the south East of CASIMIRO, the whole time making sure that we didn’t say a word in any Catina or bar, or whore house, that we had a shitload of gold in our packs.

We came to the village of lOS TEQUES, and needed to replenish some of our supplies, about 14 klicks S.W. of CARACAS.

It was there that we got the lowdown, from other kids, about what we might see and beware of in Caracas! We were told that the ..assayers were in league with local hard guys……and ANYONE listing a claim was (depending on his power,) were free meat!

It was in the fields , with the other kids, close to the jungle that We heard of what to expect! 1), AFTER! We came to an assayers office , be prepared to have monies placed in the form of cash!( ask for a cashiers cheque!!! AND MAKE NO CLAIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO CASH!!!!!!! NOT to stop UNTIL WE HAD A BANK TO DEPOSIT THE CHEQUE INTO! AND!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE NO CLAIM!!!!! ), If We did? We would not see the sunrise! We were 17 ! no adults !! , ( and runaways to boot!)

and then we rode into town~!!!!!!!!

————————————————————————————————— sorry folks now working 10/14 hours per day , 7 days a week for my DREAM! JUST A BIT TIRED? AND TIRED OF HAVING A KEY BOARD IMPRINT ON MY FACE! HAHAHAHA


We came into the south west end of town, (50 years past? it was a town and only that! and dirty to boot! )

The roads were dirty and shit in the gutters! It all smelled bad! It was like an old time gold town, full of bordellos , cantinas, food /supply stores, bandanlleros and assayer offices .

As we drove in slowly……….. we came into town with our eyes open and scanning the territory,( which did well for me in the future!).

Maybe it’s because I read a lot of “James Bond” books! (hahaha), but I was aware enough to recognise my surroundings and what might be surrounding us in this …..environment.


sorry folks. off line , moved. no service.

ready and back now.


It‘s difficult to say what was going Thur our heads at the time, but, we were both paranoid and scared shitless! Every eye we saw KNEW we had GOLD! (A SHITLOAD OF GOLD IN OUR PACKS), WE BOTH HAD A SPHINCTER FACTOR OF 4 !

We both knew what kind of a cantina to look for and found one. It was too poor for the “RICH” guys and too “RICH”for the dirt guys, basically, just rite for us.

it was a cantina with less “ROACHES” THEN MOST. we were off the beaten sewer track. The place was cleaner then most. the food was REALLY good. The first night ……………..and the last night we spent there was US listening to the words of man! (it was reaffirming that we still lived!). You, out there have NO, idea how ………yummy it is to hear voices when you just think you were so close to death!

After we paid for our room, parked our bikes, we went to the area to eat and talk………….TOMARROW!………………what the fuck? That night Joel and I talked about the next day, as we ate Iguana tails,(YUM-FUCKING-YUM!!!!!!), and what we would do to cash our GOLD. The whole time we both had our feet resting on our pack,(!),under the table. We decided that only one of us would go to get food,and start up “bid-ness”, and Joel thought that I was more OK in doing that , I was the one. (WHAT THE FUCK! AM I KING SOLOMON? KING DAVID?), JOEL’S mind was in the clouds, ethereal, romantic, colors of emotion…………rite , and I was the schlep! hahahaha, OK , so I was.

The morning before, I told Joel that I saw an Insurance Company that I had read about in school named,”GRAND CANADIAN LIFE’, at the time, a global Enterprise.

Joel and I both walked in as if we were rough and tough!!!!! (reality? if we hadn’t passed water before we left our room? ……….?………….?), . We came to the first ASSAYER OFFICE we saw, as it turned out it was the greatest choice, attempting to look cool!(and carrying a backpack full of GOLD!). I really think we did well, now in retrospect, it worked! The place looked as if we were in the TWILIGHT ZONE (!). Board floors, board walls and hot as hell!

We didn’t take time! in Spanish, we asked for an analyse of our ore. As he looked, his eyes grew large with surprise at the weight of a single nugget, (size of a pigeon egg.). Let’s get over this episode, suffice it to say the man looked as if he just got every porn movie, food type he loved, unlimited type of booze he ever loved to drink, all for free!, as we put the sack of Gold on his table! He kept asking us if we wanted ANYTHING to drink, we kept saying NO. The man acted like a mad scientist in a “VINCENT PRICE”MOVIE!, or like “Jean Wilder” in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, running here and there to get chemicals to test against the scrapings of the ore. With each conclusion it seemed that he drooled more!, (in retrospect! it was hilarious!).

After 3 hours of chemically washing the samples,weighing and calculating the value, he told us we had the value of $56,000.00 in cash,(U S ).

IN 1964 THAT WAS ONE HELL OF ALOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!

WE WERE FUCKING RICH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR DREAMS WERE JUST A SUNRISE AWAY !!!!!!!!!! If we lived to see it !


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