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A Life In The Day (31)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Life In The Day (31)

HA HA HA HA …….no really , I’m better now………………..HA HA HA HA HA AAAAAA…….
the day started like any other day , EXCEPT that when Joel woke up? , I started LAUGHING MY ASS OFF AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA ………….
He had a knot on His head the size of a goose egg! HA HA HA AH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…………..I knew it was not the thing to do , but hey! we were 17!!!!!!!!!
and it was cool to laugh at your buddy!!!!!
Finally, I got my act together , I managed to go check Him out , aside from His hurt ego and my aching sides , and His BUMP , (!) , HA HA HA HA ………He was OK .
That morning , Joel woke up with a Head ache , me ? with a malicious grin, ha ha ha .
He , Joel , actually laughed with me . We went on ..
As events turned out , Joel REALLY became good with the SLING (!)
In the next few days Joel REALLY SHOWED OFF His STUFF!
in the beginning , I may HIT 3 , He hit 1 , as time progressed ? it went 3:2, then 3:3 , AND IF GAWD WEREN’T MY WITNESS ? Joel RAMMED UP TO 3:5 . or the other way around . 5(him ) : 3 (me ) . what ever.
At this point in time Joel and I had fun competing for the best bag ! ha ha ha ha ….
He …..WE , …..REALLY had fun getting food , and as goofy as it may sound? We felt as we had an Angle , (ZAPATA ) , looking over us …… (GO FIGURE !) ha ha ha …..
By this time we were north of Tlaxcala on our way to Veracruz , it was almost a strait shot east to the sea !
( YEAH BABY ! )…….
You were expecting me to RAT on a brother? ha ha ha ………………….
not today ……………. suffice it to say He created His own “FRANKENSTEIN-SCHLONG” ! ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA ……….(a good JEWISH BOY GONE BAD ? where have I heard THAT before ? ) ROTF-HMS-LMAO ! ( R O T F =rolling on the floor , H M S = holding my sides , L M A O = laughing my ass off )
I wish I could share the energy of this mirth with you .! It would be enough to POWER MANHATTAN for a night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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