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A Life In The Day (22)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Life In The Day (22)

So after we had breakfast, (I went out and shot a GILA MONSTER with my WHAM-O slingshot, it impressed the hell out of Joel as well as myself! I only used 1 Bering! lol , and it was a head shot! It tasted good! AND IT TASTED LIKE CHICKEN! ) . We then saddled up and rode…………. this was the FIRST TIME EVER IN MY LIFE THAT I DID NOT HAVE A SINGLE WORRY !!!!!!! bar none!!!!!!!!!………………….
Its’ difficult to say what was going thur both our minds at that time , but you can bet it wasn’t about body bags or NAM.
As we drove on , I dare say that Joel was thinking about his future in the art world and how he’d get there . (You see his dream was to go to ART School in Paris and become an artist of worth . But he was put down by his family and peers for dreaming of a “useless career”.),and besides , how would he get there now?
I on the other hand wasn’t really thinking of anything other then “how can I write of my experiences like “PAPA HEMMING WAY” one of my Hero’s! (I knew that I couldn’t hold a “match stick ” to the one of the Last GREAT POETS OF THE CLASSICAL ERA -OVID, so I picked my next Hero. that’s why I had brought a ream of paper with me in my backpack . I’d read ALL His books and figured “if He can do it , then why oh why can’t I ?”
Guess what? ALL OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE !!!!!!!
How THAT happened , you will find out a few months down the road.


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