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A Life In The Day (8)

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Life in the Day (8)

Hello again, ……. Sorry for the delay. Working 80-90 hrs a week kinda leave me a bit bushed for daily entries, lol . Anyway back to the present past. Here we are about to take a quantum leap into the future of a year.(hey , at 9 , one year is an eternity ! a Kidd can grow old and die waiting for one year and His 10’th birthday!)
Here I feel I must state that in my life ,(at that time), birthdays were equal to National holidays! fireworks! Parties! celebrations! laughter! LOVE! My Father made me feel like a King for a day! It was better then eating a banana split or getting my puppy “Nunie” ,( remember her?), My Father made me feel as if I were a larva inside its’ cocoon, growing and morphing into a handsome Monarch butterfly upon my emergence from my chrysalis!
I woke up on the morning of my 10’th birthday to the sounds of screaming , sobs and sirens all in harmony, and a shitload of people running around the house. Strangers!
My Father died in His sleep! massive coronary! …………
My life in general then began to take on a strange and violent change. I started to work my way onto that greased slide to HELL! As I grew it seemed it was in that bottle you see little boats in only without the booze, you see I DRANK IT ALL! I then started smoking ………..ANYTHING…….EVERYTHING………women now cringed in fear as I walked by, if they didn’t have the same thing as I did between my legs, they would not be safe. Fast cars and I became FAST friends, the police had my number! I was a wanted individual. I was despicable. When I looked in a mirror I was seeing ” the PORTRAIT of DORIAN GREY”,……………………………………….
Then I turned 11.



Anonymous said…

this is getting better…..


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